avg.com/activation - enter AVG activation code

Install avg with license number to activate avg retail antivirus. Enter the avg activation code at avg.com/retail. Before installing this software on your PC, you should make sure that it is up to date version. Also, you will need to agree on license agreement and terms & conditions to continue the process.

To activate AVG product or for AVG retail registration and card installation, you have to follow these simple steps at avg.com/retail:

  1. Enter your AVG activation code which you will find from the retailer
  2. Create AVG MyAccount to manage AVG product
  3. Agree with End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy

With the advancement in technology, there are increased insecurities in society. This includes identity theft, hacking among others. This calls for a strong antivirus as well as internet security to protect consumers and other individuals from loss of sensitive data. One of the best-known antivirus and internet security is the AVG Antivirus and AVG Internet Security. To help you understand how you can stay protected using the AVG Antivirus and Internet Security, this articles outlines the differences between these two and provides the steps to follow while installing, activating, using and uninstalling them.

How to create & manage avg account?

AVG account is a portal where you can manage all paid AVG subscriptions that are registered to your email address.

  1. Open the AVG Account page at avg.com/retail.
  2. Click Register.
  3. Type your email address, select a password, then retype your password. Click Create New Account to continue.
  4. Click Confirm My Email to activate your AVG Account.
  5. Click Continue to log in to your activated AVG Account and view your subscriptions.

  6. Hence, your AVG account is now active.

    To manage your AVG account, then go to the AVG antivirus login account page and enter the E-mail ID and password correctly. And then click on login. In your AVG account you will get all the details of your account like your expiration status, your subscription plan etc.

What is avg activation code?

Avg activation code is a unique 25 character alphanumeric code, used to activate avg internet security. Retail card usually contains a license number for avg retail activation. Enter the code screen during the time of download and activation

Download, install and activate avg retail antivirus

Once the setup is running it will ask for login to your avg account. Login with your avg retail credentials for further process.

  • Download avg product from avg.com/retail

    • Go to the website of AVG antivirus software i.e. www.avg.com/retail
    • Select the avg product from the list
    • Click on download button
    • Enter avg activation code
    • Again click on download button
    • Setup file will be downloaded on your device
  • Installation steps for AVG antivirus:

    • Find the downloded file
    • Double click it and run the set up file
    • Read and accept the license agreement of AVG antivirus
    • Wait for the AVG antivirus to install
    • Restart your device
  • Activate avg antivirus with activation code

    • Open the avg antivirus by double-clicking on it
    • Avg retail activation window will appear automatically
    • Enter the avg activation code
    • Click on “activate” button
    • Wait for a minute for activation process
    • Restart the computer

Avg Antivirus

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